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Junior Race Series




Logan's Medal Scott Snow's SEAL Graduation in Feb 2019
2018 Team Alumni Day 2016 Buddy Werner at Panarama 2016 Buddy Werner at Panarama
2014-5 Team Improving the Hill On the Podium Friday Night 2015 Winners
Indy Racers Support Jake Jake Diehl Joins the Marines
On top of the world Skiing in the clouds Lined up and ready to go
Racers at Mt Spokane Crosby's Goal Medal Myriah and Nathan at 49 Myriah Second Close Up Myriah Second
Cory at Junior Olympics Scott at Calgary Scott at Mission Ridge Scott Skiing Boot Races at Schweitzer Head Coach Shep Waiting for Results
Scott and Cory at Mt. Hood Scott on the Big Sky Downhill Scott at Beaver Creek Scott at Lake Louise Scott on the Diamond
Sarah ready to serve cookies Coaches Perry and Kendon getting ready to golf I only ate one! workin' at the car wash making money
e_2008 Independence Racing Team Photo Team USA Topolino International Championships-Way to go Scott! Shep at the Summit Scott Snow 2008 Junior Olympics Scott Snow Junior Olympics GS 2008
Bonnie Snow SG- 2008 Sun Cup 2008 Team Indy 2008 Buddy Werner Kelly and Friend Aubrie Perry Buddy Wernen 2008 2008 Buddy Werner Parade
Cory the Champ! 2007-2008 Schweitzer Brayden and Coach Bonnie stretch before a race CoachTalk
Kyle Perry's last race for Indy  2008 - Lookout Pass Schweitzer-February 2007 December 2007 Schweitzer- Starting Line Michael Demko 2006 Big White best of friends!
Feb 2007 Ready to Race! Kyle and Kendon Perry wax on - Schweitzer 2007 Matt and Kendon practice their pep talk -2007 A coaches work is never done!  Matt and Kendon 2007 winning bootle!
Our dedicated coaches! Aubrie, Emily and Kyle sporting our new team uniforms- Mt Spokane 2007 Miss Emily and Aubrie in evening wear - Lookout Pass 2007 Signature
Collin 3rd FAST Dylan 1st FAST Dylan 1st FAST 2006-2007 49 North
Emily 2007 Mt. Spokane Finals Kyle and Alex EEYSL Finals Mt Spokane 2007
Jan 2007 49 North Aubrie and Emily Emily Jurenka and Aubrie Perry January 2007 49 North 2006 Nastar National Championships Kendon 2007 Nastar Nationals Aubrie at Nastar Nationals
Bonnie Snow 2007 Nastar National Champ Bonnie Snow 2005 Jr. Olympics 2005 Schweitzer Cory Diel
December 2005 Kyle December 2005 golf tourney 2005 golf tourney 2005 golf tourney 2005
2003 Michael and Kyle - Junior Race Series Julie and Tod -Junior Race Series Tele World Cup 2003 Tele World Cup 2003 Tele World Cup
2003 Tele World Cup Bib Draw Team Indy -2003 Buddy Werner Scott Snow 2002 Nastar National Champion! Schweitzer